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18 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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Try troubleshooting it and tell me what it says (even though 3/4 of the time it doesn't even help you).
Didn't say anything, just saying windows couldn't identify the problem, try switching the modem off for 10 seconds etc, tried everything that was on the list.

I originally thought it may just be due to 'reception', even though it's at full bars but I put my modem about 1m away from the PC where the Wireless USB device is, and it couldn't connect, I then tried it without any security, it connects to it for about 3 seconds and then loses connections, so maybe it's an authentication problem?
Might be a bad USB Wireless Adapter. Try the adapter on your desktop and connect through wireless? If it doesn't work with that then you can blame the adapter.

USB isn't really the best option anyways.
It's the only option I'm pretty sure, I can't bring 360 where PC is, and bridging the connection doesn't work properly because I get IP conflicts, it was either buy the 360 Wireless Adapter for $150aud or buy a d-link adapter for PC and put modem in my room for $33aud. I'll take the adapter back now and get it replaced.
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