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21 Nov 2009  

Windows 7

Weird, I came up on W7 2 weeks ago, then lost my hard drives (found out both were toast just when I tried and image burn for the completed setup, and backup failed due to bad sectors..) But I did not have this issue and I was the original admin (until about 2 days b4 D-day, when installing Roxio wiped out my account, and I had to create a new one.. But no admin problems then..

So I created my account..
then Roxio wiped out my account.. so I created new..
then the harddrives wiped everything out.. so I have set mine up again (mostly complete, mouse, outlook, snag-it, wallpaper preferences....
But now I have to set up a new one, because I am a fake admin...

You know sometimes it just doesn't pay to upgrade!! I have gone around this tree so many times, I can't keep straight I have or have not done anymore...
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