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25 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 64bit
Eset Smart Security 4 & Windows 7 64bit

Hello I'm new here, although I may have figured out why Eset Smart Security 4 keeps blocking my internet access on install, I have other questions about this software and Windows 7.

After somewhat of a solid run since the release of Windows 7, last night my computer just flipped out. The last thing installed were a few true type fonts from an older masterfont collection that I have. Coming back to my computer about an hour or so my monitor was black, as if asleep, after a few unsuccessful attempts to awaken, I powered down without any other options.

On boot up my computer went from the login screen to a black screen with only the cursur arrow visible. Another power down resulted in a login screen to OS boot up but this time stuck in the ESET loading screen. After that power down everything just went nuts, with windows explorer crashing every 3 minutes and my computer crawling at the slowest rates possible. Working in safe mode and uninstalling Eset was no help either.

Frustrated with system restore not letting revert back to any other saved point. I just went ahead and reinstalled windows for the 5th time.

So I'm back at square one with my original problem of Eset smart security 4 or windows firewall blocking all internet access. Is anyone else having these problems? Is this a virus or could my dated software be causing all of this trouble? Maybe I should be using Windows 7 32bit instead?

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm dreading having to reinstall all my music, game and work software again if this is going to keep happening.
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