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24 Feb 2009  

Windows 7 Beta 7068

I have to say I am really disappointed in the new task bar.... I can see where MS are going with it and for most people maybe it will work - but I'm a developer and I have something like 15 apps and tools I use almost every day and for me it just makes the new toolbar really cluttered to have all the ones I had in my Quick Launch on the new "taskband". I also don't use the grouping as (for example) if I have a few XML or Word files open it's very hard from the previews to see which is which.

I tried the steps in the first post to add a QL folder and was delighted when I got my QL bar back. Then I dragged it to the left, re-ordered the icons the way I want them and thought I was a happy camper again. But I came back to my PC this morning and it wasn't on the taskbar anymore - it's just gone!! So I went through the steps again, dragged it to the left again, re-ordered the icons the way I want them *again* - then later I had to reset and on restart it's gone again!

So, as much I like W7 so far, this is the single most annoying feature. What I *never* understand with MS is why suddenly everyone has to work the the way they "deem" is best for us - why can't we have the option to have the Quick launch and the old style task bar like Vista? Surely it can't be impossible to allow both methods?

I embrace new technology more than anyone I know (hence going to W7 beta 7000 on my main machine) and am not scared of change but this new taskbar is a real pain for me.... if anyone on the W7 team at MS sees this *please* give your users who are going to pay for this O/S to use the old style taskbar!
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