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25 Nov 2009  

Windows 7

Yeah, the worst part is the additional layer of file sharing, now we have "home group" as well as "work group" and "public folders", with a right click option for sharing that's only available sometimes, and a sharing option in file properties that kinda randomly makes itself available, when it feels like it I guess. This is nuts, I'd rather be using windows 98 right now. I have no consistancy in the ability to share or access other computers on a network, regardless of OS. I'm seriously concidering going back to an older machine that can run XP. I can't even install it on my Dell XPS. Yeah, I tried. I HATE WINDOWS features 7 AS MUCH AS VISTA. Ive fallen so far behind in my work due to these useless and complex sharing features and rights issues. Seriously, I can't afford to struggle with it anymore.
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