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26 Nov 2009  

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Need to extract a driver from W7 X-64 for W2008 server

Hi all
I've got an Epson printer where the only driver is one that came with Windows 7 X-64.

There hasn't been a driver for this printer since XP from Epson BTW - an A3+ size Photoprinter 1290.

There weren't even any VISTA drivers from Epson - but I skipped VISTA anyway. The printer is STILL good and I like the occasional A3+ size prints so I don't want to get rid of it -- newer printers are usually A4 max unless you spend serious money. And if a device is still perfectly functional why should I junk it.

Is there any decent tool to extract the driver out of a running W7 system and install in Windows 2008. In theory it should be possible.

Otherwise Windows 2008 server seems to run anything Windows 7 X-64 does.

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