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27 Nov 2009  

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Problems with portable progs as standard for

Hey there,

I have problems setting some portable progs as standard for certain document types.
And yes, I know how this usually works.

So this is the usual procedure:
1. Into Windows Explorer select any desired file.
2. Press right mouse button on it and choose "Open With" menu item. If it has sub menu, choose "Choose default programm..." item from it.
3. You will see "Open with" dialog with two sections into the list: "Recommended Programs" and "Other Programs" (second or both sections can be missing).
4. If the desired program isn't listed into any of these sections, press "Browse..." button into this dialog, and select the desired program file from the folder where the viewer is located.
5. Now you will see the desired program selected into the list.
6. Check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" and press OK.
the problem is step 5 - it does not show in the list after i selected it.
I also tried the system administration where you select the standard programs - also no success, same phenomenon.

I checked with another user account where a pdf wasn't associated at all and it just worked. but still not for the account i'm using. I can add other programs to the list of icons to chose from by browsing my files, even other portable ones.

I had this problem first with pdf xchange viewer, but it was mysteriously solved:
I was opening a pdf from the internet and I was asked to choose the program. I was able to pick the xchange viewer, even if there was no option to choose it permanentely. I then tried to open a local pdf and all of a sudden, the xchange viewer was listed among the available programs.

But the problem still persists for the open office writer for example.
I also tried to do the same with a doc because it worked for PDFs, but it didn't help.

Any suggestions on that? It really sucks cause it really disturbes your work flow if you can't just click on a document to open it!
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