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27 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 Home Premium

Heh, that's not the answer I wanted to hear. This machine started with Vista 2.5 years ago, never had anything earlier on it. I really don't have the time at the moment to do a clean install and set everything back up the way I want it. Is there one specific driver you can see from the minidump that is causing the problem? I plan on getting a new machine in 2010, so redoing this one isn't an efficient use of my little free time. Thanks for all your help...

On a side note, what do you use to read the minidump?

Hey, I took a look at the 26 "old" files, 12 of them are for a Roxio burner I still use, and the other ones are mostly identifiable (tablet drivers, Lyra driver, Sysinternals files, etc.) There are a few I can remove, but if you could tell me what file is causing the problem, that would be great.

Thanks for all the help, it's nice that there is someplace for me to go ask questions as most people come to me!!
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