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28 Nov 2009  

Win 7
Is there a way to go back to Vista?

I am going nuts.
I can't get my Blackberry to sync and I've tried a number of versions of the Blackbery software and tried compatibility.
Outlook is making sounds, even though I've turned the sounds off in the options panels.
I am getting false popups telling me that one of my external drives (2TB ESATA) has problems, but it doesn't. I've run checkdsk on it, and I've run backups to it with no problems.
I did solve 2 problems, one with compatibility.
For a while my external drives disappeared after about 20 minutes with out being accessed. Luckily I found the answer on a forum.
I've been in this business for 40+ years and this is the worst version of windows I've seen.
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