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28 Nov 2009  

Windows 7, Linux

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HI all-- hoping to see if anyone has any ideas on this...

I race a lot of online racing... I was on xp sp3... No stutters ever.. butta smooth... Did a clean install of w7-64... If i do a full reboot--- everything runs smooth--- no sutters.. If I put the system to sleep-- then wake it and go race-- i get stutters every 1-5 seconds.. Its 100% repetitive...

All my video drivers or up to date.. I also tried older video drivers.. Turned off indexing-- turned off backup.. turned off anti virus.. Chipset for mobo is updated to w7.. Took my oc back to stock settings... Did everything i could think of and or read about.. All with the same results.. Reboot-- fine--- sleep then wake --- stutters..

One thing i noticed was.. Before i put the system to sleep--- it was using 1250mb of memory.. Then right after waking the system--- it was only using 820mb of memory... So it seems like something isnt being woken up after sleep.. And whatever that is-- is the thing that is causing the stutters...
That ram thing is normal, they purge the ram so to speak. Really while your using it a lot of stuff is cached or put into active memory that isn't being used but will be soon. It's the same concept if you do a cold boot and always have less ram usage at start? Ever think of why? Same concept, even if before you boot you have no programs running you still have more ram use until after you cold boot. it's just how most OS's are designed.
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