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30 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Different DNS settings on different locations?

Hi all!

I'm having a DNS problem. Normally you can use the dns-settings dhcp assignes, but as those servers sometimes tend to be slow, I manually configured my laptop to use the OpenDNS servers. OpenDNS | Internet Navigation And Security

Here's the problem: at school we can use a wireless network, but we need to authenticate first, using a browser. You get redirected to a site hosted on a server in school, but they redirect you to an url. And that is my problem. As long as I'm not authorized to use the internet, I can not reach the OpenDNS servers and the url I get redirected to, is not resolved.
The simple way to solve this, is by getting my DNS settings from the dhcp server, I know. But then I would have to change te settings everytime I go to school and get back home, so that's at least twice every day.

The question now is: can I tell Windows 7 to use dhcp for the dns settings when I'm connected to the network of the school and to use specific dns settings otherwise?
As Windows 7 has the option to select a "location" when you connect to a network, I would think it's possible. But I can't find it anywhere.

I hope you understand my problem and there is a way to solve this (I prefer to solve this without using extra software).

Thanks in advance!

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