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01 Mar 2009  

This is a Security issue, but more!!!

OK..... I need some help!! My first born to be named after the individual who can exorcise the demons from my laptop.

I am pretty Windows savvy, my weakest points are controlling arcane environmental settings in the registry, and perhaps a few other things..... But other than that, I am solid. I never thought I would be posting to this board. However, due to the strangest security breach I have ever seen, coupled with my inability to rid my laptop of this breach (maybe a worm--although it is not autonomous, it is smart and is being controlled by some nefarious individual(s). I had no choice. Seek help, or throw out my laptop, or maybe I move to Hawaii (but that might not even help).

Ok, here is the best I can do in the way of a summary:

First my specs:
Dell HP Pavillion 2212
Dual Core 1.6GHz
2GB Ram
120 GB HD
500GB USB Western Digital My Book
Broadcom bcm43xx wireless adapter
NVIDIA HOST Controller as LAN Adapter
+++ this is new: a "loopback adapter" (<--- I know what one is, but it never showed up as an adapter choice prior to this problem.

Operating System: Windows 7 B7000.

About 6 weeks ago, I authenticated with a wireless network near my residence and used the internet for a bit. I did this again over the next few days, and then started noticing some very strange things ocuring. My task manager had a number of processes that I never recognized (even though I was using Windows 7 beta), and it seemed as if I had a lot of services that were server based.

After trying to look further into what was happening, I started getting "access denied" messages all over the place. I enabled my Administrator user, and logged in. Still no luck.... I was encountering "Access Denied" whenever I tried to look at either certain files in System32 or in the Registry.

Below, I am including my latest complete Remote Access Diagnostics dump (netsh interface ras), but before I get there, I would like to share my theory. Laugh if you must...almost everyone (in IT or not) has laughed at me as if I was some sort of conspiracy nut!!

I think because WIndows 7 and Windows Vista install with ipv6 adapters (ISATAP, TEREDO, etc) advertising from the get-go, I am being hijacked and I cannot find a way to rid my pc of this problem... I do not know how they are getting in... Even after I log in, I disable ALL adapters, and then set state disabled to netsh interface 6to4, ISATAP, TEREDO, etc. I reset ipv4 and ipv6, and reset Winsock (which is loaded with items). AND, the trick they are using is UDP... UDP in most cases can bypass NAT and firewalls, so its quick and they can find me in seconds---

FYI: I have reformated (slow not quick) my drive and reinstalled Windows 7 no less than 40 times.

Somehow this cretin is still finding access into my PC. I try to install Kapersky's Techinical Preview, but this intruder knows how to filter it rendering it mostly useless.

I know this is a weakness from Microsoft....I mean all I need is to find a room with lead-lined walls to reinstall Windows 7 in and I am good... Because I can go 5 miles from where the network was originally, and somehow, I am advertising some beacon which IDs me on the internet and creates a tunnel....

No matter where I go, I cannot escape this.... I am nearing insanity. Please, please help.... I have deleted all of the ipv6 addresses from ROUTE as well as my loopback adapter address.... But nothing works...

Here is my Netsh interface ras diagnostic dump. Given its length.... I have attached it as a .pdf

Please someone help this poor Windows 7 user. I just want to use my damn laptop!!!! Without its resources going to sustain some alien life or something.....

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