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07 Dec 2009  

Windows 7 x64

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That's mostly imagined and from the fact it's a clean install unless you're doing video editing or similar.

No, there is a change. I am a heavy video editor, while multitasking with other tasks, and the speed that I am experiencing now opposed to when I was running 32-bit, is a HUGE difference. My computer is running much more smoother, slicker, and faster.
And therein lies the reason you are seeing the speed diff & torrentg did mention video editing.
These are the areas it's most noticeable, but for gaming & everyday tasks there's very little diff in speeds.
I've done numerous tests to see for myself as well as real-world apps testing.
The major benefit as everyone already knows is there's basically no memory limits (192 Gbs usable) with W7U x64 were as the x86 system limit is 4Gbs total which includes HW (hardware) memory usage.
That's why most will see that they got 3.325Gbs usable RAM (or there abouts) out of the installed 4 is because the other HW is using the rest.
For complete info on memory limits of all Windows operating systems click this text!

Wow, this place is very much a great source for useful information, but man, the sarcasm is pretty thick. lol
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