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08 Dec 2009  

My Account & Permissions


I just upgraded from XP to 7. I kept all my files in a different partition and started using them as soon as my Win7 copy was installed.

All my old files have a little lock in the icon which from what I understand means that I don't have the right permissions or rights to those files.

I looked it up and gave myself ownership of the files and allowed all the permissions, yet I still have that annoying lock and some issues like this one:

I installed a game and Win said that in order to run the game for the first time I need to be in an Admin. account - RRRRR MY ACCOUNT IS AN ADMIN ACCOUNT!

I don't want a quick solution, I want something permanent.

1) How do I make my account the "supreme" admin account of my computer?
2) I'm pretty sure that line 1 will solve all my permission problems, right?

Thank you.
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