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08 Dec 2009  

Windows 7 64bit
Using Windbg for dmp from encrypted app

Here are the steps that I currently follow.

1. Compile to Create appname.exe and appname.pdb
2. Encrypt appname.exe to get appname-enc.exe
3. Ship appname-enc.exe to customers
4. Customer runs appname-enc.exe to get crashdump.dmp and sends it to me. ( Crashdump using minidumpwritedump)
5. I use crashdump.dmp, appname.pdb,appname-enc.exe in windbg to view the call stack.

This is not working. It says it cannot find debug symbols for appname-enc.exe
what should i do ? I cannot use appname.exe it produces the same error. Also, I have to encrypt my app, I cannot send it without security wrapper.
Please let me know if anybody have encountered the same problem. Any workaround would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I am sure, its not with the architecture. I am using the same architecture as the client to debug and still no result.

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