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09 Dec 2009  

Windows 7
Windows 7 Starcraft Fix with Virtual PC 2007

Hi everybody,

I checked several recipes for fixing the resolution/crashing issues when running Starcraft in Windows 7 - nothing worked , at least not completely. Using a batch file to close/restart the explorer fixed the resolution issue but the game continued to crash. Adjusting the scaling option in the NVidia control panel didn't work (the settings changes can't be saved somehow).
After a lot of trying i managed to make it work in Virtual PC 2007. On my computer (I didn't have time to reinstall the comp with the final release of Win7 so I'm still on the build 7100) i can't install the latest Virtual PC (the one in the Windows XP mode download page) and after installing Windows XP Mode and then Virtual PC 2007 there were no shortcuts in the start menu for starting XP Mode. Instead I had to create a new virtual PC for Windows XP and set the virtual HD to be the vhd file installed by the Windows XP Mode installer. Then I had a lot of trouble making the XP virtual machine start - you need to change the security permissions on the vhd file (give full admin rights and mark it read-write also) + start the XP virtual machine using administrative rights otherwise XP will not boot.

OK, i managed to make it work but, after installing Starcraft (+ BroodWar + the latest patch), the resolution problem (while in full screen) reappeared in a new form: the display remained at the native value (1280x1024) and the starcraft screen (640x480) was placed in the upper left corner on less then a quarter of the display area. This can be fixed by changing the settings of the XP virtual machine display to: Use guest operating system screen resolution. Doing this will also start the XP virtual machine always in full-screen without checking the additional display option for the full-screen.

Now everything works perfectly when playing Starcraft in Windows 7 build 7100. If you don't have Virtual PC 2007 but already have a final version of Windows 7 installed, no problem, I recommend installing Windows XP Mode and then Virtual PC from the Windows XP Mode download page (they are both on the same page here and free).

I hope this helps.
Good luck!
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