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08 Mar 2009  

Windows 7

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Hello Daimler and welcome to Seven Forums.

You need to change the boot order , by entering your laptop's BIOS and setting the first boot device to be your DVDROM, not your Hard Disk.

Alternatively, some laptops have a bios option that displays a message during bootup to press some key for boot menu/boot options. You could that from there too if you can't enter your bios.

Hope it helps.
Hi Limneos,

Thank you for the welcome! I realized I didn't include enough information in the first post, but that feature definitely is set. Im using Win 7 right now installed via the DVD drive. It is totally unexpected, because my lappy recognizes every Win DVD boot install I throw at it from XP to Win 7, 32 bit mind you. Since 64 bit was free to download I dowloaded both 32 bit and 64 bit. The 32 bit installation was seamless; the 64 bit was not. That feature just doesnt show during boot when the 64 bit DVD is in - it kind of hangs and then goes straight to my current OS, never giving me the option (almost as if the DVD was not inserted).

So I thought the 64 bit DVD is where the problem is, but it installs on two laptops I tried, neither being a Sony however. So it cant be the DVD...

I emailed and chatted with Sony, my lappy should be able to run 64 bit, however they dont recommend it.

I cant say I know what to do... In light of this new information, any suggestions, pls?

Thank you for your reply! Cheers,
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