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08 Mar 2009  

Windows 7 RC 7100 32bit/64bit

ok then, if that particular DVD boots in other systems, and your laptop does boot other bootable CDS/DVDs, then I can only assume 2 things to be the reason:

1. Your DVD disc's format/brand is not supported by your laptop's DVD drive. (Yes, some drives don't like certain DVD disc brands, you might want to consider copying to a different brand or format (DVD+R / DVD-R)

2. Your laptop's hardware has a problem with the Windows 7 64bit DVD.
However, it should at least start and give you an error later saying that "you're trying to run an 64bit system on a 32bit machine". Since you're not getting this error but you just can't even see a boot/startup screen, it's probably case 1 above.

I suggest you try and install from a USB stick and see what happens.
How do you make a USB drive bootable so I can load W7 on a netbook?
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