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24 Dec 2009  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Trying to improve my network

I'm not too terrible familiar with all the ins and outs of networking, but I have some "basic" questions as I am looking into improving my network speed.

I'll begin with what I have on the network.
2 PCs, PS3, Xbox 360 (all wired) and a Wii (wireless).

I have a WRT54GS router currently. I'm considering getting the D-Link DGL-4500 as an upgrade. My question is, would this be a significant upgrade? One of my PCs has a gigabit ethernet card and one does not. Will this router supply the fastest speed to each device or would it provide the speed that the weakest device was capable of to all devices on the network?

Secondly, my internet provider offers 3 packages.
7 Mbps X 512 Kbps
9 Mbps X 768 Kbps
11 Mbps X 1 Mbps

I currently have the 1st package (7 X 512), so how dramatic would the change from the 1st to 3rd package be?

I'm primarily looking to A) Get constant good speeds when gaming B) Get significant increased speeds when streaming video etc.

Again, I'm quite new to the networking side of things, so I don't know if these questions even make complete sense, but I thought I'd ask before I try the spend and trial/error approach, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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