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25 Dec 2009  

Windows 7 Professional X64 Build 7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)

Since it's a new computer, probably from one of the major makers like: HP, DELL, Gateway, Lenovo, etc. That means it LOADED with "bloatware", stuff they cram on there (paid for by the software vendors) to reduce the price of the computer.

The majority of people don't need all that stuff, plus it WILL slow your PC down, sometimes considerably.

I suggest you download a free program called: PC Decrapifier

Here's some info on what it does:

How it Works

Simply download the file and run the EXE. There is no installer. If you have anti-virus software installed, it may complain about this program because it is written with a scripting language. These warnings can be safely ignored. Please see the FAQ for more details.
Running the Program

After you run the EXE you will be guided through the process with a "wizard" style series of questions. You will have the choice to pick and choose what you want to remove. It will not begin removing anything without prompting you first!
Click the images below to see a screen shot of various parts of the process.


Create a Restore Point

Select Items

I have used this numerous times when repairing new PCs that have gone weird in a few day after purchase.
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