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26 Dec 2009  

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Um well basically it is a wireless modem and the connection is listed as a dial up connection. And when i connect to it, it is as if i am connecting to a dial up connection.

I have the computers in the network all joined to the same home group on the wireless network.

On the computer that dials the connection i tried sharing the dial up connection in the sharing tab over my wireless network, but the internet would not work on the other computers.

I also tried going to the sharing tab on the connection to the wireless network itself and checking the box to share the connecting computers internet connection over the network.

Neither method has worked.

The other thing i have considered trying is setting the the default gateway on the other computers in the network to the connecting computers ip, but when i do this it forces me to have to enter a primary and secondary dns server, and won't allow them to be detected automatically.

Thanks for any help.
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