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27 Dec 2009  

Windows XP SP2
Install windows 7 if I have a serial, but not the DVD?


Kind of sucks that I registered here and that my first post is asking for help...

Anyway, a month ago I bought a laptop which came with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. However, it had issues (for those who know about the issue, it's when "Not Responding" error constantly appears in all applications. Something to do with setting the drives to work in IDE or AHCI mode). So I put Windows XP on it, erasing the 7.

But then 2 days ago I got myself a desktop. It's relatively high end, but it's custom built. Did not come with an OS installed. So I put Ubuntu Linux on it. But I'd like to install the 7.

So can I do it somehow for free? I have the 7 Home Premium serial number on the sticker on the bottom of my laptop, but I don't have the DVDs. Is it somehow possible to download the DVDs of the internet, and then put my serial number in?

I know I could find it on the torrent websites, but I am not sure I want to do that. Would it be legal to download a copy of windows 7 from a torrent website, but then put my serial number during the installation?

Thanks for your help!

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