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27 Dec 2009  

WIN7 & XP network access

I have WIN7 64 bit computer and a WIN XP 32 bit computer I wish to share files between. The WIN7 comp used to be have WIN XP on it and I did have a successful Ethernet connection between the two machines.
I have status connected (on WIN XP) but no network connection (on WIN7).
I have tried (I think) just about every bit of advice I can read about on network set-up but something is just not working. I have even tried manual configuration of the IP address under TCP/IPv4 to the same address that worked under WIN XP (I had a manual setting under XP).
I have turned off all firewalls and set all sharing to yes etc.
My set-up is like this: WIN XP comp connects to internet and I disable this connection to connect this comp to the WIN7 comp for networking. I dont want internet connection for the WIN7 comp to ensure cleanliness as its my work computer.
Unfortunately all the how-to's for networking are too simple for my problem it seems.
Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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