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30 Dec 2009  

Win 7 Ultimate X64
VPN Connection to SME Server (Samba)

I have just bought a new PC with Win-7 Ultimate. My old PC runs XP-Pro. I have a need to connect to a Samba Server to access data from time-to-time. I set up the XP machine some time ago and it works fine. Both PCs use Trend Micro Internet Pro as the firewall, and both are set up to allow port 1723 thru. The Modem/gateway both ends is a LinkSys WAG54G2, both allow VPN Passthrough; my home unit has the subnet changed to thus ensuring no IP overlap.

I have no success getting Win7 Ultimate to connect. My experience is with XP, and I'm still working my way around the differences with Win7. I've set the VPN connection parameters to: Works Static IP, PPTP, CHAP V2, Require Encrytion (disconnect if server declines), IPv4 is active, etc, which reflects the XP setup as best as I can determine (incuding WorgGroup name). Looking at the "Internet Connection" window seems to suggest it is looking at a dial-up connection which is false .. I have an ADSL2+ link. How can I reset this if it is the case? I know how to reset incoming, but not outgoing. Internet access works fine for other apps.

I want to upgrade my XP machine to Win7 as well (it needs a rebuild desperately) but I can't do that without the VPN working on Win7.

Can anyone please suggest what the problem may be? I've run out of ideas.

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