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03 Jan 2010  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi all
Not wishing to turn this into a political debate -- but what is 100% true is that a running computer uses more energy than one that is switched off.

Now if you WANT more nuclear power stations, / Oil fired / Coal fired / Bio fuel generating stations with all the attendant problems of supply / pollution / waste disposal etc then by all means use as much power as you can.

It will be literally AGES and AGES yet before most countries have a significant amount of "Pollution" free green / reneweable energy sources so whatever your views on " Global Warming" (and I'm still a partial sceptic on this one BTW) I'm sure you don't want to add to more pollution and unnecessary waste of diminishing resources.

So it's still a good idea to keep unnecessary machines turned off whatever your views are on "Global Warming".

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