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04 Jan 2010  
Tommy Trauma

W7 Pro/clean install
i7/ evga X58 Install

Going to install W7 pro upgrade today using vista64 for the validation or whatever and back when I built this rig last year I remember I had issues with installing Vista, or even XP Pro that I had trouble in the bios setting the AHCI up. I wont be doing raid, and am going to install W7 on my WD 300g raptor (GLFS model). I just checked and its in IDE mode. So my question is, before I boot from my upgrade disc of 7 should I hop in the bios and set it to AHCI, or leave it as an IDE? I will be unplugging my two other drives (Seagate 200g barracudas) before I install 7 to my 300g raptor. Will W7 install the necesary drivers to enable AHCI or what. Sorry for the confusion on this. Running the SZ1G bios, and please dont ask me to upgrade the bios first as I'm very uncomfortable doing flashes for some reason. Will I see that much gain in performance from IDE to AHCI, or is that a moot question. I've done quite a bit of reading here on the W7 forums, and apparently I wont even have to run my X58 disc to install the motherboard drivers. Everyone says W7 will install the current (to them) ones during the install.

Thank you
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