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05 Jan 2010  

windows 7
Fixed : 'random?' or not, bsod's with win7 ent.

Hi folks,

i haz gotz an error(tm).

can someone help me figure out where to look,

i did do a memtest, and said to be ok at 2 passed
i did a hdd check (manufaturer tools) witch said the drive is OK,
but a - S.M.A.R.T check says that the drive has read (faults) errors
(mind you: read not write errors, - making it only slightly possible to be the problem????, cuze normally with just one error the drive will try once more.
the fact that the system is running normally (and smoothly) the other 80% of the time. tells me that - its probably not JUST the disk, if indead its faulty...

the honnest, i never worked with minidumps befor... so thats what i come here for... some hints should me there - i just dont know to find them...

thanx alot in advance...
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