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06 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Ubuntu 10.04 x64

A question about defragmenting my C: drive:
(this should be addressed to someone who really, really knows Windows 7)

Vista had this user journal file $UsnJrnl which would not defragment no matter what you did.
I remember I had to enter an FSUTIL command to delete it (along with all of my restore points) in order to shrink
my C: drive down enough to create another partition. Without the FSUTIL command, it would not shrink enough.

I do not see that file on Windows 7, however I do see System Volume Information at the end of the drive
(in the same place that $UsnJrnl was). The sectors are visible while defragmenting with Defraggler and one can see
what they contain.

After I installed Windows 7, I didn't worry very much about defragmenting the C: drive, but when I did, I noticed
that it was 27% defragmented. I ran Defraggler for a very long time and it ended up not being able to totally
defragment down to 0%. It only got to 11% as I recall. It would not go any further!

Here is the question, is there anything that can be done to alleviate this? To defragment the C: drive completely
to zero percent fragmentation?

Thanks in advance!
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