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08 Jan 2010  

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Problems Transfering Drive Information to a New Drive

So what I am trying to do is copy my original 80gb hard drive over to a bigger 250gb without having to reformat and redo everything.

So what I am doing is hooking up the 250 via a USB external case and using Norton Ghost to copy my 80gb to the 250.

After the copy has completed I install the 250 into the notebook and boot from that disk.

It tells me "can not find bootmgr". So I put the recovery DVD in and let it boot from that and let windows repair itself. It takes two reboots to repair and then it boots up fine.

Here is the trouble. Now it will boot up to the welcome/log on screen where I can select my profile or my wifes profile. I can use either one and it is the same, they are both admin profiles.

It will say "preparing your desktop" with the spinning "wait" ring next to it. It will do this for almost a minute. then it will bring me to a blank light blue desktop. There is nothing available to click on but I do have an arrow to move around. In the bottom right corner in small script it says, "this copy of windows is not genuine".

I spoke with a Microsoft tech and she gave me this solution. Windows 7 displays "Windows is not Genuine" with error code of 0x80070005

The problem with this is that I do not have access to a command prompt. The only keyboard shortcuts that are working are CTL+ALT+DEL which I have to use shut the computer down, WIN+P and WIN+L.

So should I use a different program to do the disk transfer? Is there a way to access the command prompt without the start menu?

Thanks in advance to you all.
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