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09 Jan 2010  

windows 7 Professional
BSOD Stop 0124 with a possible culprit

Hi I've been reading your forum responses on problems like mine for a week or two now. I have a repetitive 124 bug check with ntoskrnl.exe as the offending driver causing BSOD's. My drivers are all up to date to the best of my knowledge (used managing programs to check for updates) and I even began the process of replacing ram chips (currently have 1 chip in the mail and about to add a second if my computer doesn't crash by monday). I'm looking for someones knowledgable opinion as to wether im taking the right steps. Mainly because i got a system warning message that didnt cause a crash but identified a video driver as the offender. Maybe you all can shed some light on my computers problems. Do i continue with the ram or is the graphics card the problem?

Additional Info: Ive had the BSOD on my comp when my monitor was plugged in the GTS 250 port rather then the GTX 295. I'm not extremely knowledgable but I would think a driver problem on the 295 would not crash the comp if the monitor wasn't plugged into that port thus not using that card for graphics. (The sli is internal on the gtx 295 card the 250 is used for physx to my knowledge no direct link is being used on the two cards)

Thanks in advance for your help.

my os is windows 7 professional
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