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10 Jan 2010  

Windows 7
Little Gap below TaskBar

Hey, thanks for the nifty tutorial, it worked wonders. Just a niggling annoyance though, when i pin the folder to the taskbar, there is this GAP under my tabs in the taskbar, that is caused by the icon of the folder. I think it's because the folder icon is larger than the size of the tabs, so it heightened the taskbar causing the other tabs in it to float above instead of "touching the ground". I hope you understand what i mean.

Anyway, the problem is that whenever i want to open a tab in the taskbar, i usually go right to the bottom and click on it. In this case, since the tabs are floating and not touching the base of the taskbar, i often miss clicking the tab and instead click on a dead area in the taskbar. Is there any way to make the tabs TOUCH the base of the taskbar again as before, other than reducing the folder icon to the "Small Icon" setting? Because Windows7's taskbar's small icons are REALLY small.

Thanks for any help!
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