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10 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 64 bit
Internet Connection not recognized

I've had this problem ever since I installed windows 7 and tried looking for a solution but since the OS was new I figured I wouldn't find anything. I've looked through this forum but it's hard to describe this problem so if I missed it I'm sorry.

My setup is multiple computers -> router -> modem. Modem is bridging connection from router and router handles the pppoe. I used to have static tcp/ip settings on my personal pc but now I just have the router reserve an ip for my mac address.

The problem I have is that my home's internet connection is up (other computers can go online) and my pc's lan connection to the router is connected, but windows does not confirm that I have an "internet connection." This problem usually occurs when I push my connection to the limit via streaming or torrenting (not hard on 1.2mbps down, 0.3mbps up). I'm always on ventrilo and here are some symptoms of the problem.

I turn on my computer and connect to the internet. It works fine for a while. Let's say I'm on ventrilo and start torrenting and then browse the web. Soon I start getting 404s and when I check my network settings it says no internet connection (network and sharing center, red X over 2nd bar between multiple networks and internet connection). While this is happening my torrents will keep going and I can talk on vent, but most services will not connect.

The problem seems to be my computer is pinging some place and because of a clogged pipe the ping is timing out, this is only my conjecture. Obviously I am connected to the internet as I am downloading and chatting. If this happens while I am streaming on most web sites, the video will continue to download/buffer but the website will not respond. This happens to be on wired and wireless connections. My router is a netgear WNR3500.

My current solution is just to disable my network adapter, wait a few seconds, then enable it. Usually this works but often if I resume what I was doing it goes out again. My network adapters on this laptop are LAN and wireless.
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