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13 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate
NeverWinter Nights Diamond - Windows 7 Ultimate

First of all, I have already read a couple of windows 7 forums about Neverwinter Nights, and all say the same thing. To upgrade using a BioWare Patch to version 1.69 and that then it works fine.

I have already done that but still the game wont start. The funny thing is that it installed perfectly, and when I execute it the first screen with the PLAY, TOOLSET, UPGRADE, etc. pops up. When I select PLAY, the neverwinter nights black logo shows, and then suddenly closes. Windows does not show any warning whatsoever. But if I go to the Task Manager, the application appears to be in the process list.

Any clues? I have tried running under Windows XP SP2, SP3, and also running under ADMINISTRATOR.

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