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15 Jan 2010  

Windows 7
Weird Internet Issues

Hey everyone!

I hope I am posting this in the right section.

So the situation is as follow. About 2 weeks ago I've installed Windows7 32 Ultimate and since then these weird problems started appearing with my connection. I have a quite strong connection, and before everything worked perfect.

Two things I immediately noticed when started surfing the internet was that my load times increased in a great deal, and that it randomly times out webpages. For first I did not think it's a windows 7 problem, but when I connected my laptop to the same connection it worked just fine while a minute later the desktop pc had some major issues with the same web pages I tried to access with my laptop.

I thought it might be some malfunction in the connection or my drivers, so I updated to latest Ethernet drivers and waited for a few days to run my tests again. And it was the same deal. It's interesting thou, that my downloads and uploads for files work just fine. I've also tried multiple browsers including internet explorer, mozilla, chrome, netscape and opera. Same deal.

It's also very annoying , that my latency in games increased in a great deal, from the previous 10-20, I get 100-300 pings. The latency is not constant thou. It drops down to 10-20, then pops up to like 150 for like 5 seconds, then back down, swapping up and down in like 5-10 seconds all the time. It also causes the same latency problems with my skype conversations as well.

I usually figure out all my problems, really, but this time I have no idea what's wrong.

Thanks for your time.
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