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15 Jan 2010  

Windows7 Ultimate 64bit

vileguy, the problem lies with your bittorrent client's settings. I'm a supporter for Azureus Bittorrent Client (now Vuze), but I've gone inactive for sometime now. Your problem is that your bittorrent client (and some other process) are abusing your 0.3Mbps upload speed, which is not much. Your issue is normal for those with "wrong settings" on their bittorrent clients. What you can do: throttle down the upload speed in your bittorrent application, or you can use this speed calculator, it is applicable to ALL bittorrent clients.

Here's the analogy: you can speak/translate speak 100 words a minute (0.3Mbps upload), each minute you used 88 of those 100 words to translate your boss's speech, a foreigner (bittorrent traffic). Now, along with your boss's speech, you have your own notes to speak out (ventrilo), that used up all the 12 words per minute you got left (you used up all 0.3Mbps upload). Now in between those writing sessions, you need to talk to the audio operator to turn down the volume of your microphone (the network map), but you can't, you are speaking as fast as you can, and you can only cope with 2 jobs, translating your boss's speech and your inserting your own notes (bittorrent and ventrilo). You can't speak more than 100 words per minute (your computer can't ping/access other site, the upload slot is out, all used), which then results you can't speak to the audio operator resulting microphone volume still on high (404s, and no internet in network map, no response from the target website) although you are still translating the speech (the torrent is still running).

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