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15 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 64 bit

Good advice but the problem isn't nearly that simple. I'm using mu torrent and my upload is always capped at 5kilabytes/sec total which is about 1/7 of my total upload, and the problem also happens when streaming. I know just about everything uses upload to some degree and I'm quite aware that at times my bandwidth is being capped out (the problem usually occurs when I am maxing out my bandwidth as stated above) but it seems to be more related to download then upload. If I cap my upload I can't send a ping, but if I cap my download I can't receive the pong either.

The issue isn't that I 404 when torrenting hard, I know that's a simple problem, the issue is if I stop torrenting I still can't connect to anything, it may be for 10 minutes after I stop torrenting if not longer. The issue is that windows seems to not be attempting to use the connection that is there.

The current solution I have is to disable my network adapter and enable is shortly after, but why is this necessary? If there's an internet connection why is windows 7 choosing to ignore it? Once the internet craps out like this I could stop all my bandwidth usage, wait a few minutes, then try to go to and it will 404 because my computer doesn't think I have an active internet connection, but simply disconnected and reconnecting my network connection forces windows to recognize it?

I simply want windows to attempt to send packets without trying to be smart for me.
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