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16 Jan 2010  

Windows7 Pro x64
What is the best way to synchronise data files on Win7


What it the best way to synchonise data between two computers?

I used to have a thing called FolderMatch on my WindowsXP machines. It worked pretty well and you could choose whether to copy bi-directionally, or make location B become like A or vice-versa. It was good at showing what it was about to do too, in an intelligable way.

From memory it cost me about 30 dollars (??) a few years ago to get it. The irritating thing was that (ironically) the one thing it failed to actually synchronise was *foldernames* (i.e. folder structures).

This had the irritating effect that if you deleted a whole folder computer A, when you synchronised your data the files in that folder would (correctly) disappear on computer B, but the empty folder would be left behind.



P.S. I dont really want to spend any more money but in any case, from what I can see FolderMatch may not have a Windows7 version yet!
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