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17 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 Enterprise x64

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I use FolderMatch with Win 7, syncing data between Win 7 machines and between Win 7 and XP. It does have the "leave an empty folder behind" bug, but otherwise works well
Clunkfish - but I bought my Foldermatch 7 years ago (I just checked! version 3.5.6 for 21 - far too much money, btw, if you ask me).... Don't tell me after all this time they've never fixed the damned thing!
Have you ever written to them?

P.S. What version of Foldermatch are you running?
I'm only on 3.4.8! They invited me to purchase an upgrade to 3.5 but I declined . I'm gobsmacked that 3.5 doesn't have the empty folder bugfix. I have never written to them; in actual fact the empty folders aren't too much of a problem because most of the time my changes are incremental rather than structural, so I don't get very many of them to clutter things up.

It's true it's quite a lot for what isn't much more than fancy front end for DOS-based commands, but on the other hand I have used it every day since I bought it, and have come to rely on it for all my syncing needs.
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