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20 Mar 2009  

Windows 7 x64

Hi, sorry, I didn't want to be rude.

I know what is on Wiki, but I don't think it is ok. I'm working with computers many years and it is my primary job, but I never saw this strange thing, with Temp directory. Tell me what do you think - is it ok, when system variables points to 1 location and system itself is using another wrong location? I don't think so. This happen somehow and I want to know what application or update or something did it, because it IS something like bug or system error.

If I want to move TIF directory (Move folder button), it doesn't work. If I can delete TIF and others in Temp, it can't be done, because of SYSTEM process. It can be removed only in safe mode, but after reboot all is back.

OS is using wrong directories and not directories set in system variables. So coorect folders contains no files. That's not ok, it's wrong. And based on everything I found on internet, only way how to fix it is reinstall system. So it is really strange.
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