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21 Mar 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Deleted programs from start menu?

Hm,my english is maybe not good enough to explain this but I'll try.
So let's start.
Maybe a week or two ago I was cleaning a junk from a system with revo uninstaller and have checked few more options then they are checked by default,and I erased some of the apps from start menu.That were apps which are in Accessories and System tools folders,and all Administrative tools folder.
After that I tried to approac them through Administrative tols in Control panel,but I was getting a message that a shortcut refers to a location which is unavailable,and that they are maybe moved to some other place on HD.Since I knew what have I done,and it was 3:00 AM,I decided to do a System restore,but some other day when I won't be sleepy.
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow I was kind a busy,and forgot to do a System Restore,but I was downloading some games and I was running out of a place on that partition.I was maybe a few hundreds megabytes short,and decided to delete all system restore points and turn off system protection,so I can get some extra place which was earlier dedicated to System restore.Off course,in that moment I forgot about the programs I deleted few days before but I remembered them in the same moment I turn off System protection and when restore points were gone,but a second or two too late.
So,my question is:
Is there any way so I can get back System tools and Administrative tools back?
Of course there is because I see some of them in System32 folder and in Windows folder(exe files) or maybe they are all there but I can't tell which one was where,and I don't know how I can get them back in Start menu,and reassociate Administrative tools with Control panel shortcut.
And of course,I don't have an image of a system.
I hope that you undersand what I was trying to tell.
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