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21 Jan 2010  

Windows 7

Dear Shawn,

I have encountered a problem with my system and is trying to fix it, using System Restore. As some other users here, I can't see the System Protection tab. I apologize, if the following explanation will be somewhat chaotic - i am a bit stressed at the moment - and hope you could give me an advice.

1. Problem
When i try to restore the system, i can see the list of restore points, but after I select one, the system tells me that System Protection must be turned on to continue.

As i've mentioned, System Protection tab is missing, so i can't find a way to turn it on.

2. Circumstances
I am trying to restore the system using Repair System (or is it repair computer?) option from the 'F8 list'. I try to find System Protection tab in Safe Mode. Better to say, I am obliged to. When i boot the system in normal mode, it seems to boot ok, but freezes completely after first 15-30 sec or after first mouse click.

As you can see, I can't make a repair install to fix the problem. And the only disc i have is an upgrade DVD.

3. Problem with OS
The first freezing of the system occured after following actions. I have added a few gadgets to the desktop, then installed Microsoft security essentials and ask it to do a quick scan. While the scan was running (stupid me!!) i started installation of ZoneAlarm free firewall. The freezing occured, when i clicked on one of the newly installed gadgets. The installation of ZA firewall was at 23% at the time.

I had to hold power button for 6 sec. And now, when i boot in normal mode, it freezes again every time.

Already in safe mode i deleted files associated with the firewall from Program Files folder (there was nothing in the installed programs list about it) and tried to uninstall security essentials (apparently you cant in the safe mode).

4. Configuration
I have W7 Ultimate, which (was) running on Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v3545 laptop.

Please, don't hesitate to ask additional information,

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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