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OK, after using easyBCD 2.0, the dual boot is working! Thanks to everyone who helped out. BTW, if you're like me and used 1.7.2 then you will probably need to uninstall 1.7.2, install 2.0, delete your XP entry, uninstall the vista bootloader, then re-add XP reinstall/write the bootloader before XP will boot properly.

Only one more thing: no matter how many times I change the settings to 5 seconds before default boot, it still stays at 30 seconds. How can I make the change stick (yes I clicked save and I re-wrote the bootloader).

EDIT: BTW, you don't necessarily need to set the drive letter to your 100mb partition, as suggested in the guide. The neoSmart forums (where I downloaded easyBCD) say this: "Make sure EasyBCD's Windows XP entry points to the "system" drive and that it has NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM, BOOT.INI in the root directory." This is not necessarily your 100mb partition, as I discovered on these windows 7 forums:

System Reserved 100 Mb

(apparently we're not all in agreement about what the partition is there for, but in my case setting the XP entry's drive to c: worked and giving the partition a drive letter and setting it to that drive did not).

Just thought I would mention that.
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