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27 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 7100 build
Netbook with Windows 7 network trouble

Ok I have an Asus Eee pc. One of those 10" deals that had Xp and now has 7 pro installed on it.

It has one gig of ram as well.

My problem that I just don't have an answer to is this.

The laptop works just like I expect it to other than it taking about 2-4 minutes to connect to my wireless network. It drives me nuts.

As it comes out of sleep it has to locate and connect to the network and then it just seems to take forever to load up the home page of the browser. After the wake up and the first page load you can close it and reopen it as many times as you want and it will go fast.

It only takes forever coming out of sleep mode. This problem also happened with xp as well. Any ideas?

I really want it to just get connected as fast as a normal laptop.
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