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28 Jan 2010  

windows 7 ultimate, windows xp pro.

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just wondering have you installed any overclocking software recently ? as i have had similar issues with this if the software overclock has been set to high - sometimes when playing games they just freeze then you get the message saying "the display driver has stopped responding & has recovered" if this is the case try setting the overclock back to stock properties (if you have overclocked that is) if not maybe the games you are getting this with are not properly compatible with windows 7 ? - try this - go to nvidia & download the latest drivers for your card but this time before you install them remove all nvidia drivers then reboot & do a thorough registry clean then re-boot & then install the new drivers - also the 8400 series cards were very problematic in vista (i had the same chip - different make but makes no difference chips the same) so that could enplane why you didn't experience this problem in xp - but i couldn't with any certainty say this is the cause as i soon got rid of the 8400 & upgraded to the 9600gso & so it was only on there for about a week anyway as i was not very happy with the chip performance - maybe its time for a graphics card upgrade ? - only suggest this as if the 8400 was terrible in vista it will probably be just as bad in windows 7 as the driver architecture is very much the same
thank you,im not into overclocking and have no idae how to do that. i have tried frostmourne's guide in installing drivers and i did the driver cleaning thing. i see the logic when you said upgrade videocard, i guess its the only choice i have left. thanks for your time bro!
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