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28 Jan 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

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Made a post before about my exciting adventures now for 4 days with the Windows 7 installation. Im gonna summon it all up for you again so you will get an idea of what we have tried.

My friend has a PC that we have tried to install Win 7 on nowfor some days. Its a new PC, and he has never had issuse with it untill we started to install the Win 7 on it.

The biggest issue is that it freezes during the installation process when we boot from the CD. The whole PC just freezes and becomes unresponsive to the installation. Happends most time during the extraction files part.

We have tried
  • New RAMs, made diagnostics of the old ones as well, but is dosent show anything at all.
  • New DVD driver, just in case that is the 1 to blame. But same problem.
  • New graphiccard.
  • New HDD
Even when we have basically excluded all the "bad hardware" and tried with new stuff the results all is the same.
Bin in contact with a computer friend of mine, and he cant get what the problem should be.

Just to be sure I moved the HDD over to my PC and made a installation with out any problems at all.

Havent tried to install from a USB stick yet. Just wanted to exclude all the other "maybes" before.

So if you have any idears how to proceed. Please share =)
Could you fill out your system specs ,if you know them, via control panel.

Did you run the upgrade advisor for windows 7?
Have you tried loading your motherboard drivers via advanced install>load drivers?
Have you more than 4GB of ram?If so remove 2GB if possible.

Also,can you download and burn Partiton Wizard boot cd
Free Download Partition Wizard
And tell us what your drive map looks like.
C: should have more than 16GB (i think) for 64bit install and should be primary and active.

Ive some more ideas but they are some of the mains ones.
My System SpecsSystem Spec