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29 Jan 2010  

Windows 8 Pro (32-bit)
boots to recovery mode no matter what.

So here's my setup:
Win7 home premium as C: drive, unactivated
Win7 Enterprise as D: drive, trial
For the past 61 days I have been using Windows 7 Enterprise trial while waiting for my upgrade kit.
it is FINALLY in the mail, so in anticipation I used my mom's disks to preinstall Home Premium, to be activated on my key.
I intended to slowly transition applications and stuff onto the new OS so I would have a basic install.

a few days ago I booted into Home in order to see what is needed to run my Apple Magic Mouse ( a real pita due to Windows drivers being made to only work on mac hardware) and I got it to connect without installing software (though scrolling doesn't work). i then rebooted into Enterprise.
Now today I made a list of software that will be installed into Home, and then attempted to boot into it only to reach a snag.
Immediately after starting to boot Home, it starts to load the recovery mode. this happens no matter which boot options i select.
normally this may be ok, unfortunately in order to install 7 I had to use a floppy with HDD drivers, which I no longer have. Recovery mode refuses to recognized that there is a drive without those drivers.
in other words, recovery mode is worthless.
how do i fix my OS?

and yes, Enterprise is still running fine.
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