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30 Jan 2010  

Windows 7

Thanks for the suggestions Fantail. I do use Comodo but the game is not hanging it just won't display anything. SH3 is running and I Alt+Tab out and back and see the menu and can hear the music playing but can't use the menu because there is no cusor and there is a black splodge in the middle of the menu screen. The video in the menu screen does not play either.

I was using Comodo in WinXP before migrating the Win7 and it never had a problem.

Pawz27 You may be right and the many config differences makes it hard to determine where the prboelm is. I know it's not the machine config because the same box worked fine with WinXP. Just not with Win7. I'm thinking my only way forward may be to go back to WinXP.
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