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30 Jan 2010  
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RAM test never ends - it'll just run until you stop it.

Most times you can't fix RAM errors - although cleaning the slots and sticks may help (as may a BIOS flash occasionally).
But you can test the sticks in different slots (in different combinations to see if it's just one stick or just one slot that causes the problem.
Beyond that, it's time to replace the defective sticks.

Some people say it's OK to keep RAM with a couple of errors (I'm not one of them). The way I look at it is as if it's an error in your checkbook. It isn't the number of the error that's the problem - it's the location of the error that makes it a problem (1 isn't a problem, but 1 million is). Since I can't tell where the error will be, I'd suggest that the stick must be replaced.

Run RAM test again overnight to see if the BIOS flash changed things.
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