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02 Feb 2010  

Windows 7 Ultimate
Win 7 64-bit and problems with Adobe Reader/Acrobat

I recently started having problems on two computers that both run Win 7 64-bit. The problem is that when opening a PDF file I get this box indicating to choose these options and then there is a check box to not ask me about it again. If I check it off, it goes away.

Then when I try to close the tab that houses the PDF file, it will crash IE with acroread.dll being the culprit.

What happens next is that if I try to read another PDF, the same box that I already told not to come up again will come back. It seems like it isn't getting the proper permissions to hold this setting. I found a fix via Google that said to just open up the Reader program and check off the box there -- that fixed the pop up box problem.

The remaining problem is that regardless of if I update to the latest version of either program, I continue to have IE's tab crash whenever I close the tab that houses the PDF file.

I'm wondering if there is any fix this this? I never had this happen to me up until I'd say about two months ago. It was perfectly fine until then.

Thanks in advance.
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