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04 Feb 2010  

Windows 7
Programs & drivers compatibility SUCKS

Hello everybody,
After Vista, I heard Windows 7 is coming to repair the program and driver compatibility, since vista didn't support many programs and drivers.
I, as a lot of people around the world, were happy to hear that. Since Vista and Win7 as faster than XP, and what XP was better than Vista was supporting any program and any driver. So Since Win7 was to solve that problem we faced on Vista, it was a great joy.
But unfortunately, you won't be sure only believing what you hear, but trying and seeing yourself if it's true.
I downloaded and installed Win7 Final, to benefit the 30 days free trial and see if it truely solve Vista's problems. But I discovered the first day that my webcam won't work, after I installed a modified WLM8.5, and this because 9.5 webcam picture is smaller and bad, while the webcam picture on 8.5 and older was very good and very clear. And what I get when I try to run my webcam is :
"We are unable to run audio and video setup"
I uninstalled it and installed 9.5 even if I had to bear the bad quality of webcam video. But I get the same error. Which means it's not because of the modified version of WLM but it's because of the operating system.
Later on, I discover that My pinnacle PCTV Sat won't install, because of the following error :
"this installation does not support your operating system"
My Canon Laser shot LBP-1120 won't work.
My pc can't be part of my house network, and can't find my kids computers running XP on the same network.
And who knows what would appear later, since it's been only 2 days since Win7 is installed.
I see Microsoft was laughing at us saying that it dispassed Vista errors in Win7, butI can say : Win7 = Vista

What has MS done on The Eight?
If it's same as The Seven, then I advice not launching it.
I've now no choice but going back to XP, even if it slows the machine. But I can say it's the best MicroSoft's done.
I'll format my pc right away.
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